Feeling like its MY first day

Written By:
Natalie Hare

Decluttering and Organising all aspects of life and home.

March 26, 2019

After spending most of yesterday in preparation for a busy week (and feeling really flippin' good about it), I never anticipated that I would be feeling like it is my first day at work...... In my own business!! I've been doing this for over 7 months now, but since leaving the security of my job last week, it's all suddenly become very real. I am now my own boss (S***!).

I should be ecstatic, but instead, I have been up since 4:30am with good old anxiety....

The reason I am writing this is because even when we're in a really good place, our own minds can still make us doubt every decision that we ever make. Negativity can raise its ugly head and make us feel paranoid, useless and altogether rubbish. I have no immunity to this; In my younger years, I would have given up on dreams and ambitions because of the fear of failure or worrying what people would think of me. Don't get me wrong, I have achieved quite a lot in my career and in life, but my own thoughts have often pulled me back or delayed my actions many times.  

I'm not ashamed to talk about my own mental health anymore and I think that it is amazing that we are all so much more aware. I will still have dark days, but I get far more bright ones, which is a huge factor in why I trained to do what I do.

There will always be those who don't understand why we have acted like we have at times or made wrong decisions and there will always be those who will think 'you can just get on with it'. Sometimes its just not that easy (how we wish it was). I know how lucky I am to have an extremely supportive Husband, kids, family and friends, who know I can always call on when I feel like I need support, but even they aren't enough sometimes (I know that sounds selfish to some) and I may need to speak to my counsellor just to put me back on the right track. I know that some people out there may think that they have nowhere to turn or don't wish to worry people, so they suffer in silence. There is always help out there.  With your GP being the first port of call.

A lot of people that I have worked with in the last 10 years have suffered in one way or another with a mental health condition. Many of those people would be unable to maintain a home or deal with everyday life. Sometimes I would have only come across someone when they are on the verge of eviction because they want to ignore the world, so they ignore the letters, the bills and people knocking at the door; if they ignored it long enough, it would go away. The problem was, the situation was becoming so much worse.

So, my point is that we never know what anyone else is feeling or what they are going through. The happiest, most successful people may be fighting a constant battle that they have told no one else about.

Just remember.....

Always be kind

There is nothing wrong with asking for help

Sometimes it can help to just have a conversation with a friend/relative

Never be ashamed to see your GP and tell them how you are feeling

Taking anti depressants doesn't make you a failure

Stop comparing yourself to others

Have a great day

Natalie x