A Little bit about what I do and how I got here.....

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Natalie Hare

Decluttering and Organising all aspects of life and home.

March 26, 2019

So, this is my first ever Blog-bear with me!! I am excited to share this journey with you all and give you a little insight into what I do and the reasons behind my passion.

I probably started life in a hurry.... I had my first child at 17, I was married (and separated) by the age of 22, Mum again at 24 and married (happily) before I turned 30. It's been a whirlwind!! Not ideal some may say, but it has certainly taught me a few lessons in life (good and bad). I have always been determined to work and prove my ability. I have probably worked too hard at times and know what its like to completely burn out. I've loved to learn and gone out of my way to do every bit of higher education and any qualification that I could get my hands on.

My working life has been varied. I spent 8 years as a Pub Manager/Licensee, where I worked with amazing people who remain some of my dearest friends to this day, I was a tutor at the local college in Hospitality & Customer Service- not something that I would ever want to do again, but it definitely taught me a few things. I've worked in Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation, where I ran a support team, which I loved, before going on to Care in the community and finally the last 7 years in social housing, which has probably been my most eye opening journey where I have made more life long friends (I Hope!).

When working with people, I have often been left frustrated by the limitations within my job role when people need help. Many of those people have been vulnerable. It may be only temporarily through a life changing event, Disability, Physical/mental illness. It may be that they are just struggling because there are not enough hours in the day or a child/children or family member are consuming all of their time and energy. To have some guidance and physical help was really needed. The problem in finding such a service was hard. I could offer support in a way that I could signpost etc and I was often able to offer some physical help when it came to cases such as hoarding, but I didn't feel that it was enough.

I heard about APDO and some of the work that was being done by its members and felt inspired to look into doing something myself.  I had already started training in Counselling and succeeded in Advanced Level Health & Social Care. I needed to be able to bring together my experience, qualifications and ability. I have always had a passion for organising and I know first hand the importance of being organised in your environment. Having battled Depression and Anxiety at various points in my life, one way for me to feel calm is to be in control of my home environment (Believe me, I don't live in an immaculate, minimalist environment, but I like everything to have a place). I really believe that living in chaos can have an adverse affect on health and wellbeing

Anyway (sorry, I am waffling!).. I made the decision the set up 'Hare To Organise'. Initially it was along side my job in housing, but I am now working my notice to run the business full time. I will be extremely sorry to leave my job as they are a great employer. Plus I haven't been with out a wage or salary since I was about 16!! Now the hard work really does start.

Every client that I work with is a unique case. I have worked with people who's hoard means that they haven't slept in a bed for years or used the bath and also people and families that are completely overwhelmed by the dynamics of life and just need some physical help and guidance to get back on the straight and narrow.

We are all expected to be able to do everything and if we can't do it all, we believe that we have failed. Why? When and who decided that we are all super human? Work 40 hours a week, run a household, have a body like a super model, have perfect children etc etc… all whilst remaining mentally stable!! Something has to give sometimes. Life isn't as perfect as social media will lead you to believe. It's ok to get some help or ask for some advice. I wish I had realised that when I was a young Mum. I used to think that there was something wrong with me at times when I felt physically and mentally exhausted because I was trying to keep all the plates spinning. It's ok, not to be ok.

The reason that I am waffling on with all of this is that I want people to understand that I get it. The foundation of my business is to offer a unique service in an empathetic way. I offer physical help to get your home and life back in order.  We work together to develop systems that work for you. Systems that are sustainable. I can help with all aspects of decluttering and organising. As an upper tier waste handler, I am also able to take your unwanted possessions away, meaning that you are not tempted to sneak them back in (you would never be forced into parting with anything that you did not want to).

Examples of some of our work so far:

Supporting hoarders to make their homes safe (Hare To Organise is a DSFRS Fire Safety Partner)

Working with a family to organise their home (including setting up meal plans, decluttering clothes and toys, clearing garage & shed, creating a home management file for bills)

Downsizing a customer from a 3 bed property to a 1 bed flat

Long term support for a customer with hoarding behaviours suffering with mental health illness

Supporting a customer with a cluttered property who needed to have vital repairs completed

Supporting tradesmen to safely gain access to properties that are cluttered

Supporting a client to have a family member move in

Decluttering properties ready to go on the market

Assisted moves(Packing and unpacking)

Full Declutter and Deep Clean to avoid eviction of a vulnerable tenant

Assisted declutter following bereavement

At Hare To Organise we offer a free, no obligation consultation by visit or telephone. As a member of APDO, we comply with a code of ethics, are fully insured, ICO Registered & HMRC Registered. You can also be assured that we are Advanced DBS Certified (which is annually renewed). This is a discreet, confidential service.

Get in touch: or call 07528172381

Thanks For reading x